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What to Say to People Who Still Love Trump

Sadly, I know some of you out there are still riding the Trump train (I'm looking at you, cousin Eddie), and I'm here to help you see the light with some clever responses to dismantle those pesky Trump lovers that will go perfectly while wearing your favorite F*ck Trump shirt.
1. The "But He's a Businessman" Brigade
Them: "Trump's a successful businessman, he knows how to get things done!"
You: "Yeah, like that time he bankrupted a casino. Or the time he sold out his own country to Putin. #MAGA, baby!"
2. The "He's a Washington Outsider" Crowd
Them: "Trump's an outsider, he's not beholden to special interests!"
You: "That's right, he's so outside the system, he doesn't even know how it works! Like that time he thought the President could just 'reopen' the government."
3. The "He's a Champion of the Working Class" Chorus
Them: "Trump's fighting for the little guy, he's a champion of the working class!"
You: "Yeah, by giving tax cuts to billionaires and trying to take away healthcare from the poor. That's some next-level Robin Hood-ing right there."
4. The "He's a Strong Leader" Squad
Them: "Trump's a strong leader, he's not afraid to make tough decisions!"
You: "Like that time he 'decided' to serve McDonald's at the White House? Or when he 'led' the country into a government shutdown? Strong leadership"
5. The "He's a Genius" Fan Club
Them: "Trump's a genius, he's a master builder!"
You: "Yeah, like that time he built a wall... around his own ego and named it Trump Tower"